Winter in Montisi

Oil on board
15cms x 20cms
€200 This price includes shipping.

Payment accepted via Paypal.

From day to day at this time of year, the weather changes from bright sunlit, sparkling frosty mornings, to rainy days and snow.

This was a recent morning in Montisi, looking out towards Siena, with bad weather coming in towards us; despite the heavy grey sky, the sun managed to get in underneath the cloud cover and light things up.

By the way, I have had a real struggle with this Worpress blog (only because I am very computer inept), which is why I have gone back to Blogspot as well … I will see which works best for me!


2 thoughts on “Winter in Montisi

    • Thank you Ann:) I thought I’d give this one another go and with a bit of effort on my part, I’m beginning to understand the double Dutch of computerese and starting to marginally understand things here on WordPress. Oh dear, it does make me feel extremely inept!

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