Bad weather

STACKING WOOD13cms x 18cms
Oil on board
€200 (includes shipping)
Payments accepted via Paypal, or by bank transfer.

I started this little painting at Easter when I came across this old lady stacking wood with her son. I didn’t include him … too complicated! … but I did have a go at her in her blue overall which looked wonderful with the cerulean sky. Then for various reasons it became difficult for me to go any further; the oil paint wouldn’t dry, I wasn’t sure if had bitten off more than I could chew and so I abandoned it until this latest patch of bad weather, which has encouraged me to finish it in my studio.

Sun and dandelions

13cms x 18cms
Oil on board
€200 (includes shipping)
Payments accepted via Paypal, or bank transfer.

SW France is definitely dandelion country; I have never seen such an abundance and in these last days we have been surrounded by luscious, brilliant yellow fields. This particularly good one, I found in the little next door village of Compolibat. It almost makes up for not having sunflowers.

February in Montisi


Oil on board

10cms x15cms

€100 (includes shipping)

This is a tiny evening painting I started in Montisi, looking out towards Poggio Secco. I was entranced by the bonfire; I don’t know why, but maybe it’s because of the country activity that I love which goes on throughout the year … I’m assuming that someone had been pruning olive trees.

I hate giving up on things, so I finished it here in France.

Springtime in France

Oil on board
18cms x 13cms
€150 (includes shipping)

Payment accepted via Paypal or by bank transfer.

I have found a favourite walk which takes me down to the river, then up and over the hill behind our French house; the path is steep with an ancient, beautifully made moss covered stone wall running alongside. At a certain point there is a group of still leafless, oak trees that refuse to rush into the spring madness and this one caught my eye, as it reflected the late afternoon sun.

A French House

Oil on board
13cms x 18cms

I painted this scene from my studio window last year on a larger canvas, but I felt I had overworked it a bit.

Today, seeing that there were the lovely red Limousin cows in the field behind the house I was inspired to give it another go on a small board; I cheated and added the newly arriving spring foliage from last year’s painting as the trees are still in winter mode and I liked the feathery feel of the leaves before they burst forth!

I’m off to Paris for a couple of days this week, so I felt like putting up this other small painting before I leave to have some city fun.


Oil on board
15cms x10cms
€100 (includes P&P)

Well, it has been spring with beautiful soft days and sunshine, but today has decided to return to winter with snowy sleet and a freezing feel to the day. Luckily the flowers aren’t giving up.