Circus tent

13cms x 18cms
Oil on board
€200 (includes shipping)
Payments accepted via Paypal, or bank transfer.

I’ve been concentrating on other work and never did finish this little painting of our friend Piccolo’s circus tent. It was very bad luck for him that it should turn out to be terrible weather the day of his fete, because there had been so much preparation in getting his circus tent (chapiteau) up in the field. A whole variety of mowing machines were dragged out into the field, but none of them worked and there was much cussing and swearing until finally one, at least, was coaxed into reluctant action and the long grass, full of wonderful dandelions was cut.

I spent a little time the morning of the fete, sketching the tent from different spots; it looked so merry amidst the bright green grass. It’s just a pity that soon after I finished it poured with rain.


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