Painting in Civita Castellana

13cms x 18cms
Oil on board
€200 (includes shipping)
Payments accepted via Paypal.

I’m just back from six days of painting “en pleine air”, south of Tuscany, in Lazio at Civita Castellana. In the seventeen and eighteen hundreds, this was a very important stopping point on the road to Rome during the 1700s and 1800s for artists, such as Corot, Bidauld, Valenciennes, Thomas Jones and Turner. Here, they sketched and explored ancient motifs for their classically themed paintings which they would create in their studios from their abundant sketches and small oils on paper when they returned to northern Europe.

The wonderful lone mountain Mount Soracte (Monte Soratte in Italian) rises high above the Tiber valley and fills the sky; I find it an irresistable subject for my painting and I love to think of these different artists from times past, enjoying the same excitement as I have had in painting this gorgeous landscape.


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