Summer heat


Oil on board
20cms x 25cms

It’s been a very strange summer this year, with beautiful mornings and huge afternoon thunderstorms which develop into wild rainstorms mixed with hail.

I had originally tried to do this as an evening painting, but the weather put paid to that, so I have been working on it in the mornings. If things look settled in the next days I will look forward to the evening version; anyway, it’s about time … it’s almost August!

Garlic and old Italian wine glass

15cms x 20cms
Oil on board
€200 (includes shipping) (includes shipping)

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I’ve been having fun with this wriggly garlic and the glass is one of a few old Italian wine glasses that we have, called a “gotto”. Since “gottoso” means gout or gouty, I wonder if it comes from that word … maybe as a warning not to drink too much red wine!