Unfinished painting


I realised this morning that I have rather abandoned this little blog of mine, what with the crazy summer life here in Tuscany and also trying to sell our house here. Everytime I’m settled back into painting, an agent phones to say that there will be people viewing that afternoon or following morning and I tear around cleaning, polishing and clearing up the general mess that one generates just by living in a place. I’ve also been doing a lot of painting of walls and ceilings, so what with the intense social life here too, it’s difficult to keep my mind focused on what I like doing best, which is painting. But now things are calming down with fewer summer visitors, children getting back to school very soon and hunters already out with their dogs to train them before the hunting season starts in early September.

Summer was very late in arriving this year, but when it did come it heated up to very high temperatures and in the end, I found working in a dusty over-heated field seemed too much for me, as well as being inundated with nasty little flies flying straight inside my ears and buzzing around inside my brain. So it dawned on me that there is a lovely garden here in Montisi and that this was the moment to return to an old subject of mine, that of Italian gardens and lemon trees. It is lovely to work there, away from people, in the cool shade and with time to contemplate, because although the light is consistently changing it doesn’t seem to pose the feeling of haste that I find in landscape painting.

This is the start of a fairly large painting, 90cms x 90cm and I am hoping to finish it this week, because as far as I can see we have no commitments at all and I can just get on with work. Let’s hope!