16.5cms x 24cms


We had a surprise invitation last week, to go to Corsica for two nights and we jumped at the opportunity, never having been there before.

The ferry journey from Livorno to Bastia is normally four hours, but we hit terrifyingly wild seas which had everyone around us violently ill (we were okay, thank goodness), with the sea spray coming in through the ceiling like pouring rain and this all made for an extra long journey of another four hours. On arrival we had to wait another 30mins or so, to get into the port, then yet again another 30mins because the ferry door had been so damaged by the immense waves that it wouldn’t open. We were just exhausted when we got there, had a lovely dinner in the Porto Vecchio of Bastia and then drove off to our booked hotel in the dark, where we slept like logs.

In the morning, we woke up to a fabulous day and the sea! There was a gorgeous beach just on the doorstep and we relaxed there all day, although towards midday, the wind picked up again and clouds scudded across the hills. I managed to paint this watercolour just in time to walk down the beach to a wonderful lunch of “moules”with our friends.


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