Rain, hail and thunderstorms

16.5cms x 24cms


This is one of a few watercolours I painted ten days ago, in spite of the terrible weather and that it was also getting late in the evening. The big downside of watercolour painting in such humid weather is that it remains sopping wet, but I was determined to give it a go!

Painting in damp, windy autumnal weather.


October Evening
Oil on watercolour paper
23cms x 31cms

It’s been terrible weather here with lashing rain, hail and thunderstorms, but last Thursday the weather quietened down enough for me to paint again outdoors. I had blocked it in late on Wednesday evening, then I finished it in a wild wind on the Thursday evening. It was an experiment for me, in that it’s the first time I’ve painted on a larger sheet of hot press watercolour paper and I found that it works beautifully. The oil paint sinks into the paper just enough to help you work faster and so there’s none of that problematic smeary, slipperiness that you get with boards or canvas.