Spring is here!

It’s very difficult to remember that we had a week of snow here 10 days ago, as the weather has been so gently warm and sunny this last week. An old neighbour said to me, when I remarked on this, “Don’t be too sure. There’s more cold and snow to come yet!” I suppose he’s right, especially with the present dotty nature of our poor climate, that so few politicians seem to worry about.

Anyway, here’s another small painting I did in the snowy days. I could have been painting outside now, but I then started a rather involved large still-life in my studio while the weather was a bit miserable.

SNOWY BARN 20cmsx25cms OIl on board


Oil on board 20cms x 25cms

Snow, cold and very beautiful


Oil on board 20cms x 25cms

SNOWSTORM Oil on board 20cmsx25cms

We’ve had snow here for about a week and I’ve been loving it. I’ve been having the most wonderful walks with my dog, discovering new trails and both of us enjoying the perfect powder snow. We have this view just around the corner from our new house in SW France and I’ve been nipping out regularly to sketch, make notes and photographs. This little painting is the culmination of all of that and is of the first snowy morning, a week ago last Sunday, when the weather was amazingly unsettled.

Since I am working for my next London exhibition in 2016 (sounds a long way off, but it isn’t!), I am now collecting my paintings together. However, from time to time, I will continue to make some small paintings available for sale.


Oil on board 20cms x 25cms

Snowy weather

Old glass & lemons Oil on board 15cmsx20cms

Snowy, chill weather has kept me indoors, except for dashing out to walk the dog and also make a few quick sketches as the skies have been wondrous. I am hoping that some small oils will come out of these, but meantime, it’s very lovely to be indoors in a warm well lit studio; first time ever!


Oil on board 14cms x 20cms


New house 4

I’ve also added this October photograph of our house especially for frenchimmersion where you will find a delightful blog called “My husband drives a lemon!” This blog is always very amusing and is written by someone who has jumped straight into French life; work, language and all.