Life drawing

Since we moved to this new house, everything has been amazingly crazy and although it seemed we could move straight in, it wasn’t quite like that … of course! So this year, I worked on changing the kitchen which involved a lot of hands on work, then suddenly the garden needed attending, then we had to move the furniture that ws left here, then our son suggested a big part for the end of May which we did and invited not only our family and friends, but all our French neighbours too! Gasp! Now the dust is settling and I’ve just finished the studio floor, got my all materials together and ready to get going.

What has kept my sanity, has been wonderful twice a month, all day life-drawing sessions here in our town.


We are all artists and each of us bring a plate of food which we share amongst us all at lunchtime; the men bring the delicious wine so the drawing session goes very well in the afternoon 🙂


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