CITROUILLE Oil on canvas 20cms x 20cms

I love the summer, but I also love autumn and the inevitable approach of winter for the different and wonderful vegetables in our local market, for being cosily tucked up in my studio with a very brilliant wood-burner for company. However, this year has, altogether, been amazingly warm and the sun is still shining with a temperature of about 12°C, which isn’t bad for this winter-chilly area we live in.

My stove

My new (2nd-hand) stove

So, this is a time for still-life since I am certainly not going to set up my easel in the open country and it’s lovely to come back from the market with something fun to paint. Pumpkins are a favourite of mine for still-life and for the delicious soup to be made from them. Here, in SW France they are known as “citrouille”, which makes me immediately think of Cinderella and her pumpkin coach.