SHEEP TREE; unstable weather 40cmsx50cms

UNSTABLE WEATHER Oil on canvas 40cmsx50cms

Another painting, from a slightly different angle, which I developed from the oil sketches I made in Civita Castellana, Italy. This was a fabulous painting experience, working in these fields in the company of a flock of sheep, which repeatedly returned to the shade of the two trees despite the efforts of the shepherd to move them away.

Although the weather was warm, it was a bit stormy during the time I was there.


Keep those flies off! 20cmsx20cms

MILK JUG Oil on canvas 20cmsx20cms

After unusual weeks of winter sunshine, it has become very grey and rainy here, so it seemed like a good idea to think about some still-life. But even that’s been difficult with shifting light; brilliant flashes of sunshine with long moments of gloom