Le Soltaire de la Vallée

Le Solitaire dans la Vallée

LE SOLITAIRE DE LA VALLEE Oil on canvas 30cms x 30cms

Spring is coming in waves of heat and sunshine, then chill and grey. Mostly I’m concentrating on our out of control garden, but on those cooler slightly dismal days it’s lovely to pass the time in my studio and just paint.

I had found this old paperback “Le Solitaire de la Vallée” in our new French house amongst piles and piles of yellowing books and I had thought the cover was so amazing that I kept it as my possession. I’ve always liked books in still-life paintings, which is why I planned this smallish painting around it, I’m now thinking of a much larger painting!



Just to show that spring is springing and that it’s also time to think of painting outdoors again

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