My October exhibition

I have found that I still have a few of my Florentine hand-made frames by the wonderful Pier Luigi, which fit my very small oil paintings perfectly.

Since I now have quite a few large paintings for my exhibition, it will be nice to show these since they will cost a lot less than the large canvases!

Everything is a bit frantic and chaotic here as I now deal with the exhibition publicity, framing and the last touches to the large paintings … and of course, here is the question; “Will it all fit into our car?!!”… oh dear, we might well have to find a trailer or send stuff by a carrier; I think I had better do a practise car-loading next week.

FLYING Paintings from France and Italy

54 The Gallery, Shepherd Market, London W1J 7QX 25-29 October 2016

Opens daily 10.00pm


Another not very small painting! 🙂 I’m in the last stages of putting my exhibition together and finishing the larger paintings that I had to abandon with all the hospital buiness.


THE BLUE LAKE Oil on canvas 60cmsx50cms

This is a lake that I know well from the several flights I have had in this direction; always tantalising on hot summer days especially since (with more laws to do with public safety) the owners decided to ban swimming there.

This particular flight was in late spring, with the sharp greens of wheat fields, not yet beginning to ripen.




AMIATA FLIGHT Oil on canvas 100cmsx70cms

Yes, I know, this could hardly be cosidered a small painting, but as I get nearer and nearer my date of departure for London and my exhibition I am trying to finish the large paintings that I abandoned when I was whizzed off to hospital in June. Not what I had planned at all!

When we were living in Tuscany, my husband had set up Ballooning in Tuscany and our main living was from taking very nice people on hot-air balloon rides. Since I was always following with a jeep and trailer I got to know the roads and country tracks like the back of my hand, so that when I flew, it was always very beautiful for me see the well-known landscape from the air. I would always take a tiny sketchbook up with me, as well as my camera, just in case something really caught my eye that I would like to paint or draw afterwards. It was obviously impossible to take my paints and canvas up with me! 🙂

If any of you out there, would like to come to my London exhibition at the end of October you would be very welcome.

From the bridge

My exhibition;


Paintings from France and Italy

54 The Gallery, Shepherd Market, London W1

Nearest tube. Green Park

Opening times;

Tuesday 25 and Wednesday 26   10.00am-6.30pm

Thursday 27, Friday 28, Saturday 29   10.00am-8.00pm

Out of the loop!

There’s nothing like a long bout of ill health to make you feel amazingly perky and energetic at the end of it.

All painting and blogging came to an abrupt end towards the last week of June, when I raced around the local supermarket and got my left foot trapped in a new cabinet thing which sent me flying to the floor while frantically trying to keep my right hand in the air as I thought, “Oh no! My painting!!!”

I lay on the floor with a friend saying “Don’t move!” while slightly amazed shoppers edged around me. Very quickly I was picked up and carried off by four handsome firemen to the local hospital, where my leg was operated on the following morning and there I stayed for 8 days while being wonderfully looked after in a private room.

So, no week long holiday, painting in Provence with favourite friends, no more working in my studio which is up a flight of steep twisty stairs and all in all, a rather painfully long 6 weeks to follow. But now all is well and I’m back on stream … thank goodness! And the “new cabinet thing” was apparently hastily removed from the shop 🙂

Three 30cmx30cm

In this last week, since I was still a bit wobbly, I decided to concentrate on framing my small paintings for my London exhibition in October 24th-29th. The frames are really nice and made locally by a great intiative for teaching handicapped youngsters a trade, which in this case is woodwork and they are overseen by a delightful older artisan. They’re in plain wood, then I paint and varnish them to suit the painting. All of this I’m now doing in the spare bedroom so I can keep my studio free for painting … it seems I’m really taking over the whole house!


Trapani-oil painting

TRAPANI oil:sea

GOLDEN BUILDING Oil on canvas 2cmsx30cms

I’ve been working on large oil paintings, which are really just too big for my studio, which means I have to drag them out into our bedroom, every time I wish to see how they are coming long; all a bit tiring really. What with all of that and the most atrocious early summer weather that I’ve experienced in a long time, I had a huge desire to be in the sun and feel warm again which led me to a small canvas and having a go at making an oil painting from the watercolour of the Trapani fortress.

Very luckily we’re booked in to stay with good friends, who are renting a house in Provence next week and so I’m really looking forward to painting outdoors again and with some warm sunshine; I hope! 🙂



TRAPANI 3 Oil on canvas 20cmsx20cms

This was the most wonderful place to watch light and weather change throughout the day.

I had planned to go back there, but this year has already filled with friends, people staying with us and my continuing work for my London exhibition at the end of October. This is also time to plant in the garden and then there are all the frames to sort for the show; so no Sicily this year 😦



TERRACE VIEW 1 Oil on canvas 20cmsx20cms

It’s over a year ago that I started this little study and longing for the Mediterranean, I thought it was time to finish  this one.

I was very lucky to have found a tiny apartment, in Trapani, with a huge terrace overlooking a busy fishing harbour and so I spent much of my time there drawing and painting in my sketchbook. Nearby was a fabulous fish restaurant, good bar for morning coffee and a wonderful fish market which meant  I could invite friends for dinner on the terrace. For me, it was one of the best of holidays ever.

The River Aveyron

From the bridge

From Mirabel Bridge, Oil on canvas 40cmsx40cms

Not such a very small painting, but I realise it’s quite a long time since I made a post here.

In the heat of this summer, I continuously enjoyed painting and drawing down at the river and although a I found a great place to paint, I felt that I wanted to find another viewpoint and went a little further away, to a bridge over the river at Mirabel. I was attracted to this view of the river since I am fairly obsessed with views from above, as if I were flying.

At the end of this hot, perfect summer’s day, a large flock of sheep suddenly appeared hurrying down to the water’s edge to quench their thirst. It seemed to me to be exactly what the river scene had been missing and I hurriedly took a few photos before they vanished!

I had a half-started painting, some scrappy sketches and a few fuzzy photos to finish this one and it’s really not been very easy.