I think it’s some months since I posted here and now we’re almost at the end of January and it’s just begun to snow here in SW France.

What with my November exhibition in London (UK), then Christmas with the arrival of family and friends, my studio has been rather abandoned and then after the fun of New Year’s Eve we went to our old home in Tuscany for 10 days; wonderful!

I’m busy today with postcard size watercolours for a children’s charity in Eire and have just finished this one, which I worked from a small sketch, and a photograph that I took in Trapani fish market, Sicily. Lovely memories of sea, sun, very friendly people and delicious food and wines 🙂





TRAPANI 3 Oil on canvas 20cmsx20cms

This was the most wonderful place to watch light and weather change throughout the day.

I had planned to go back there, but this year has already filled with friends, people staying with us and my continuing work for my London exhibition at the end of October. This is also time to plant in the garden and then there are all the frames to sort for the show; so no Sicily this year 😦