Charity card


LEMON Watercolour

This is my second card for the charity postcard to raise money for children with terminal illnesses … hoping this sells and helps a bit.

I suppose, in the aftermath of Christmas, New Year, visitors, going to Italy that it was going to be quite a clear-up before I could get back into my studio. Quite crazy really and now I’m almost at the end of all that and preparing to go to London to meet our first grandchild which is exciting. I am now preparing a layout for a large still-life that I can come straight back to after the London trip and then I can paint to my heart’s content! And then it will almost be spring 🙂



I think it’s some months since I posted here and now we’re almost at the end of January and it’s just begun to snow here in SW France.

What with my November exhibition in London (UK), then Christmas with the arrival of family and friends, my studio has been rather abandoned and then after the fun of New Year’s Eve we went to our old home in Tuscany for 10 days; wonderful!

I’m busy today with postcard size watercolours for a children’s charity in Eire and have just finished this one, which I worked from a small sketch, and a photograph that I took in Trapani fish market, Sicily. Lovely memories of sea, sun, very friendly people and delicious food and wines 🙂




Trapani fortress

Watercolour and gouache, 21cmsx31cms

Because we were there in September, the weather was perfect with warmth without great heat and there was plenty of movement in the sky; I don’t like cloudless skies when I paint in watercolour. This old fortress had a wonderful colour of ochres and golds in the late afternoon.

Here, in rural green France, I feel nostalgic for the blues and golds of Sicily.

Paintings that have been important for me


ORANGE WRAPPINGS Full size sheet of Arches watercolour paper

I’m working hard on large oil paintings at the moment and it will be quite some time before I post a small painting again, so since I had fun going through my archives for a Facebook invitation to put up five paintings I thought I’d repeat this here. I chose five paintings that meant and still mean something to me and that I no longer have in my life, since they were sold.

I have found it interesting to look back and see how things have changed for me and my work and although I still love the subjects that I have enjoyed right from the very beginning, life changes and now that I live in France my subject matter has also changed. I am now much more involved with weather and changing light, whereas in Italy the weather was so much more stable that I could work outside on a large canvas without too much fear that it might all completely change the next day. Not the case here in SW France!

This first painting was one of a series and I think this one is my favourite. I painted this after several trips to Napoli and not only did I fall in love with the city, but I totally fell in love with the myriad citrus wrappers there. All of them were fantastic, so colourful, amusing and each orange and lemon felt as though it was specially wrapped for a special Christmas present.

I painted this series (about 10 paintings) in the late 80s, when I principally worked in watercolour which seemed to be the ideal medium for painting the semi-transparent papers.

The Vaucluse, Provence

Just back from a few days in Liguria, followed by more wonderful days in the Vaucluse to stay with good friends. I had decided that I would only take watercolours (they are so brilliantly portable) and it was amazing to sit at the edge of a lavender field with its gentle perfume wafting over me while I painted. It’s the first time I’ve seen this Provencal splendour and it has made a wonderful change to the green fields and ginger cows of the Aveyron.Lavander field©lizgyooll