Wonderful spring!


Oil on board 15cms x 20cms

The weather has now changed, from days of brilliant sunshine and warmth, to rain, but at least I have managed to complete some outdoor painting in the good weather. This view caught my eye as I was heading home from shopping, so I stopped to make a quick sketch and finished it in the studio just as the rain arrived.

Summery weather


Oil on canvas 24cms x 30cms
With the recent wonderful weather I wanted to get outside and paint in the countryside, but I was rather hampered by only having a bicycle. I loaded it impressively, but found it far too wobbly and unstable to ride, so instead I just used it like a donkey to carry my heavy load.

We are having a wonderful spring here in SW France and all the colours of emerging foliage are dazzling.

More veggies!


Oil on canvas 15cms x 30cms
I’m just completing a few veggie paintings that I had started in Tuscany but now, here in France, it’s not such a good time since everyone with a “potager” is uprooting what remains of their winter vegetables, rotavating, planting and seeding their summer produce. It promises well, but not so much for me just now.

I have just loaded up my bicycle with my painting kit, but a chilly wind has sprung up, so I’m back in the studio … not quite ready for a struggle with the elements yet!

Crazy days

Oil on canvas 20cms x 20cms

I thought we were going to France for a wonderfully quiet time, but now that we are making friends here, it’s been a whirl of dinners and exciting things to do, as well as those important things to sort after being away for a while. Three weeks hasn’t really been enough time to settle in here and get into a good work rythm.

We are now packing again to return to Tuscany this week, so I should get back to my studio on a daily regime there … I hope!


Oil on board 12cms x 15cms
Poor old world, we all seem to be having wierd and awful weather and even indoors it’s hard to work because of the rapidly changing light while storms pass over us. I hate working in artificial light, but there is nothing else I can do for the moment. At least the birds are singing!


Studio days

Oil on board
12cms x 15cms

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I am now well set up in my studio painting still-life. Apart from my love for the cheery colours of these Italian citrous fruits, they stay in good shape for quite a few days which is a great advantage to me.

We’ve been having beautiful days of warm, springlike weather, but now today it’s changing for rain and cooler temperatures. This should keep me indoors!

Season of citrous fruits

Oil on board 12cms x 15 cms

First there was getting ready for Christmas, Christmas itself, travelling back to Italy from SW France, then New Year’s Eve with all of these events having much fun inbetween them and then the pay off …. influenza:(
It’s very nice to be back in the normal world again and with longer days moving us on to spring.

Greedy dog!


Here’s a festive painting, I made for a friend of mine who has a very greedy dog. I couldn’t resist doing a tongue in cheek Sienese painting with the dog joining in with the royal dinner. It’s oil paint on gessoed board with gold leaf.

Seeing as I’m rushed off my feet with Christmas preparations, leaving SW France for Grenoble on the 26th and arriving in Tuscany on the 30th, I won’t be posting on this site for a while. Here’s wishing you all a very happy Christmas! … and thank you “followers” for following me:)




Oil on board 15cms x 20cms


The temperature has been exceptionally cold here, so there’s no alternative, but to stay indoors.

Although it’s too cold, but for the hardiest painter, it is really gorgeous being out on the pretty woodland trails here for long dog walks and at the same time I’m finding lovely ideas for painting for when the weather warms up.