AMIATA FLIGHT Oil on canvas 100cmsx70cms

Yes, I know, this could hardly be cosidered a small painting, but as I get nearer and nearer my date of departure for London and my exhibition I am trying to finish the large paintings that I abandoned when I was whizzed off to hospital in June. Not what I had planned at all!

When we were living in Tuscany, my husband had set up Ballooning in Tuscany and our main living was from taking very nice people on hot-air balloon rides. Since I was always following with a jeep and trailer I got to know the roads and country tracks like the back of my hand, so that when I flew, it was always very beautiful for me see the well-known landscape from the air. I would always take a tiny sketchbook up with me, as well as my camera, just in case something really caught my eye that I would like to paint or draw afterwards. It was obviously impossible to take my paints and canvas up with me! 🙂

If any of you out there, would like to come to my London exhibition at the end of October you would be very welcome.

From the bridge

My exhibition;


Paintings from France and Italy

54 The Gallery, Shepherd Market, London W1

Nearest tube. Green Park

Opening times;

Tuesday 25 and Wednesday 26   10.00am-6.30pm

Thursday 27, Friday 28, Saturday 29   10.00am-8.00pm

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